This is a T-puzzle.

These four pieces are supposed to form a T when put in the right order.

My dad brought home a puzzle like this, but it was like a cardboard card with the pieces printed on it and instructions to cut them out, and on the back a message asking to please buy one because the person who was selling it is a "deaf-mute for life and am earning an honest living by selling this card." I'm glad my daddy bought it. ^_^

Soooo, anyway. I tried every possible way. Except the right way.
So I did what anyone frustrated with one of these mind-puzzle things would do. 

I looked the solution up in the intarwebs.


P.S: No I'm not posting the solution here. Try it first. I recommend you don't do it while you're doing something important, because the puzzle will consume your existence. =D

What Do You Have To Say? - Music: My First Favorite Band

What was the first band you became a fan of?
 I guess Backstreet Boys, but I don't know if they count because, technically, they're not a BAND band; they are (were?) a boy band. In the case that they really do not count, then it would be Fall Out Boy.  =)


Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Emotional Stability|||||||||||||||||||||66%
Social Assertiveness||||||||||||||||||||||||||||86%
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Warmth 30%? Wtf?

I'm taking this thing again...

The Best Feelings In The World

Ehh, random. It came into my head and I thought I’d share it with you guys. These feelings are physical (like, tactile sensations =P) as well as emotional. They are everyday feelings as well as feelings that you don’t get very often. They’re things that I’ve felt, and things that I’ve yet to feel but know for sure they must feel good. They’re just a list of feel-good things that I compiled in my head and gradually added to, and eventually typed up. Enjoy! =)

-When you give someone a gift and they actually like it.
-When you give someone a gift and they REALLY like it.
-When you accomplish a goal
-When you work your ass off for something, and it turns out well in the end
-When a dream comes true
-When it’s raining and you stay out in the rain
-When someone you think highly of (i.e. your parents) say they’re proud of you
-When someone you care for says they love you, and you know that they mean it
-When you love and you’re loved back
-When you get a package in the mail (whether you expected it or not, it’s always exciting!)
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The Color Orange

Lately I have come to realize that most of my favorite people’s favorite color is orange. To you this might not seem too interesting, but I am personally fascinated by this fact, and think that it might actually be of help in my personal life in the future.
Take one of my best friends. Her favorite color is orange. I absolutely love her to death, and every time I see the color orange, I am instantly reminded of her. There’s also my eternal celebrity obsess- *ahem*-crush, Patrick Stump. I read in one of his many interviews that his favorite color is orange. Then there’s Hayley Williams, whom I immensely admire. Her hair is bright orange. Guess what her favorite color is.
In the future, this might just help me pick my friends a little better. Since apparently I’m compatible with people whose favorite color is orange, the first question I’ll ask an acquaintance from now on, just to determine how well we’ll get along, will be, “What’s your favorite color?”
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Just trying to see if I can update my journal, as lately I've been having trouble posting to communities and managing my userpics. I want to see if there's trouble with updating journals as well.

Apparently not.
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